Once upon a time there was this little boy. And the boy has a big dream. Cutting a long story short, he got to Ehime which is in Shikoku area in Japan by his bicycle from Tokyo in the middle of the winter at the end of 2010. It is said that there are 88 pilgrimages in Shikoku and it's pretty popular in Japan. So what he and his mates decided to do first to make one of their dreams come true is to go through all the 88 places and find favorite cafes using his own legs and tongue along the way of the pilgrimage. It names is 88 cafe. It starts on the 29th of January 2011.


四国88カ所お遍路の旅 -epilogue-



2011年4月 2年間の沈黙を破り、ついに・・・

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